Sunday, May 15, 2022

Biggest games of 2022

The biggest news up to date is the Vikings schedule released. Minnesota has the 20th most difficult schedule according to, and us fans have one more hint at what we can expect this upcoming season. 

The challenge of trying to pick what games we’ll win and which we’ll lose (none of them) is trivial in my opinion. Yes, of course I’ll bet on their over projected wins. But not in this article. For now, I’d like to focus on the 3 games that I stick out to me the most. 

Week 2 at Eagles

First of all, f*ck the Eagles. That should be enough to get you fired up for this matchup alone. But I’m particularly excited for this game for a few reasons. 

First, I believe the Eagles won the draft. AJ Brown is a beast, Jordan Davis should be a star, and I personally think Jalen Hurts can be that guy. While this matchup isn’t reflective of the 2018 NFC Championship game after all the changes between then and now, we’ll see right off the bat what our coaching staff can do. Fingers crossed our offense can get the ball rolling right out of the gate, and fingers crossed again we can drop a 40-burger on that franchise. 

Did I mention Monday Night Football?

Week 12 vs Patriots 

Another prime time game. This can be a boom or bust game for us, as America’s drunk eyes, full bellies, and fat fingers will be tweeting about the same old “Kirk vs Primetime” headline all day long. I won’t get into my rant of Kirk vs 7:20pm CT. We’ve all heard it before. But even if this wasn’t the closing act on Thanksgiving, I’d still be stoked for it. 

Yes I think we have a better roster than the Patriots. But this game is more of an opportunity to see how Kevin stacks up against Bill. Schematically, Belichick will have something up his sleeve. Can Coach O’Connell game plan accordingly on a short week against the best? 

Week 17 at Packers

If we’re being honest, this game could determine the North. I anticipate (and pray) there’s a decline in the Packers offense after losing 123 catches, 1,553 yards, and 11 TDs. But I’m sure when it comes to New Year’s Day of 2023, we’ll see our foes across the border with the division title on the line. Rodgers is still Rodgers, and Matt Lafleur had done more with worse. And I don’t suspect Green Bay will roll over and play dead. 

I believe the Vikings can be competitive this upcoming season within our division, and wouldn’t be shocked to see an official changing of the guard by Week 17. 

Honorable Mention: Week 11 vs Cowboys

Should be a good matchup of division champ/wild card teams. 

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Vikings schedule? What games are you looking forward to? 

2022 Minnesota Vikings Schedule:

W1: Packers

W2: at Eagles (Monday night football) 

W3: Lions

W4: at Saints (London)

W5: Bears 

W6: at Dolphins


W8: Cardinals

W9: at Commanders

W10: at Bills

W11: Cowboys

W12: Patriots (Thanksgiving) 

W13: Jets

W14: at Lions

W15: Colts

W16: Giants

W17: at Packers

W18: at Bears


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