Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Does Kirk have what it takes to lead the Vikings to a Super Bowl?

Is Kirk Cousins going to be the QB to win the Vikings their first super bowl in franchise history? I think so. 

It has been the story of Kirk's career to be underrated and underappreciated. From being drafted in the 4th round to being ridiculed at every turn for his "inability to win the big game", Kirk has been slandered at every possible turn. To most on the outside of the Vikings fandom, Kirk is viewed as an average-at-best starter who will occasionally put on a performance but does not equate to much in terms of wins and success on the biggest stages. That is where they are wrong.

Anyone who faithfully watched the Vikings over the past four seasons knows that Kirk has been nothing short of great. As the starter for the Vikings, Kirk has led the team to a .500 or better record three of the past four seasons, including a playoff victory in 2020 where the Vikings beat the Saints 26-20 in overtime thanks to two massive throws from Kirk Cousins (43-yard completion to A. Thielen to set up the game winning 4-yard completion to K. Rudolph). 

On top of that, Kirk has put up some impressive individual numbers over his 4-year tenure with the team: 

- 16,387 Yards (4,096 yards per year) 

- 124 TDs (31 TDs per year)

- 36 INTs (9 INTs per year) 

- 68.3 Completion %

According to the numbers on an individual level, Kirk has been one of the best Quarterbacks in the entire NFL in that span. 

While there are MUCH more stats to back up the statement above, that is not the point of this post. We are all asking the same question: Can Kirk lead us to the promised land? The answer - in short, is yes. 

With the Rams winning Super Bowl 56 this past February with a strong supporting cast behind veteran Matthew Stafford, Vikings fans should be gleaming with joy with an all time-confidence for who we have behind center. Granted - the Rams in 2021-22 were a much better squad than the Vikings, with the additions the Vikings have made this offseason, they should be in a prime position to make a strong postseason run. 

Going into this season Kirk has: 

- A coach that is familiar with Kirk's skillset and will cater to his strengths rather than minimize them

- A MUCH improved offensive line with competition at almost every interior spot (competition brings the best out of everyone) 

- An incredibly strong cast of receivers and running backs (again) 

and finally, and most importantly, 

- An improved defense (at least on paper)

I saw a statistic on twitter yesterday that showed how the Vikings ranked #1 in fewest giveaways on offense and #1 in 15-yard gains on offense... yet finished 8-9, which shows how poor the defense was last year. 

With the combination of all these things and the recent success of a similar suited quarterback in Matthew Stafford, Kirk should have everything at his disposal to secure the Vikings a title in the next few years. SKOL!

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