Saturday, May 7, 2022

Kirk Cousins Finally Has Full Support In Minnesota


The previous four seasons for Kirk Cousins has been mostly consistent, statistically speaking. Cousins always puts up a good box score. He's a good quarterback, who can make every throw. No, he doesn't always show up when the pressure is highest, but in my opinion, you can win a Super Bowl with Kirk. Mike Zimmer is no longer coaching the Vikings, which could also be a plus for the 33 year old quarterback. Zimmer had a odd relationship with Cousins, and it never seemed like the grizzled coach ever truly supported his starting quarterback. To the awkward sideline altercations, and the fact that they only ever had weekly meetings until their last season together in 2021. It was a match that never was going to truly work.

Insert, Kevin O'Connell. The young head coach has had previous run ins with Kirk in Washington, and he has repeatedly praised his relationship with Kirk Cousins. Heck, he even has a signed jersey from Cousins in his office at home. If the bond is truly as tight as they say it is, Kirk could be in for the best season of his career. Cousins in all honesty, has never had full support in any of his years as a starting quarterback. In Washington, there was multiple issues during his time there. Robert Griffin III was a second overall pick in the same draft that Kirk was selected, and when Griffin went down, Kirk came in a played well. After that, it seemed Griffin was constantly breathing down his neck and was poised to take his spot back. After all, he was the second overall pick, and RG3 to this day doesn't seem too fond of Cousins, that he essentially ended his time in Washington. Then in Washington, it was the constant franchise tagging and the hesitancy to commit to Cousins. Which leads back to the fact, he was never truly supported in D.C. 

Cousins then signed a giant contract with Minnesota in 2018. Zimmer was never a fan of the signing from the beginning. At the combine, Zimmer repeatedly acknowledged that he didn't want to spend a lot of money on a franchise quarterback. During his time in Minnesota, Cousins has rolled through different offensive coordinators. John DeFilippo lasted a quarter of a season in 2018, because he passed the ball too much, to Zimmer's dismay. Kevin Stefanski was a very good OC, but eventually accepted the job in Cleveland. Gary Kubiak lasted a season as coordinator and then retired. Last season, Klint Kubiak took over the reigns and it was obvious that he was not ready for that responsibility.

 In 2022, Kirk Cousins is going to have full support and Kevin O'Connell and company are going to try to make life easy on the veteran quarterback. It's his first true offensive head coach since he's been in Minnesota. Wes Phillips is a super smart guy, who is going to let Kirk do his thing, and Kevin O'Connell will be in his ear supporting him the whole way. 

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