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Minnesota Vikings: Future Bets to Place for 2022 Season

Readers Note: I’m not going to be detailing every single future available because I don’t want to waste your time and there are some that are actually comical. When a bet is so unlikely to happen that it becomes comical it’s probably a sign not to bet it. For instance, Tyler Conklin winning the NFL MVP is offered at +50000. There is one reason alone that bet is offered and it’s because the odds of Tyler Conklin winning MVP are lower than the sun exploding as you’re finishing this sentence. At the bottom of the article is a full list of Vikings futures that are available just not in expanded detail. As the season nears I will publish an article on how to bet the Packers @ Vikings in Week 1. That article, along with my others on how to bet the Vikings each week, will include odds that are easier to bet. If you like what I have to say then stay tuned for those. I'm really excited to write them.

Individual Futures and Awards

Most Valuable Player

Kirk Cousins: +5000

If I’m going to be honest I was considering glazing this one over entirely. This isn’t a bet I would personally target. It’s not that I think Kirk Cousins is some terrible quarterback or anything. I just don’t see him winning MVP and his odds of 50/1 reflect that. However, if anybody on the Vikings could do it this year it would probably be Kirk in the new offense. With that said, I like the Viking offensive superstars to win the individual awards more. 

Offensive Player of The Year

Dalvin Cook: +2500

Justin Jefferson: +3000

The Offensive Player of The Year Award typically goes to a skill position player and for that reason there is definitely a world in which one of these happens. However, out of the two Dalvin Cook has struggled to stay healthy for an entire season when compared to Justin Jefferson and in two out of the last three years we’ve seen the award delegated to a wide receiver. Justin Jefferson being in the elite class of wide receivers makes him winning OPOY at 30/1 good value. As is Dalvin Cook at 25/1 on the hope he is able to put together a healthy season in the prime of his career. 

Rushing Yards Leader

Dalvin Cook: +750

On a game-by-game basis there aren’t many runners in the NFL that can rack up more yards than Dalvin Cook. If Kevin O'Connell and staff can keep him healthy for a full 16 or 17 games then I think Dalvin Cook winning the rushing title at almost 7/1 is a distinct possibility

Receiving Yards Leader

Justin Jefferson: +800

The only receiver with better odds than Justin Jefferson to win the receiving title is Cooper Kupp which should come as no surprise. The only other two guys I worry about this award going to are Cooper Kupp (+700) and Ja’Marr Chase (+1200). At 22 years old Justin Jefferson has arguably the best skill set in the NFL at the wide receiver position and he only continues to improve. With an offensive minded Kevin O’Connell taking the helm I like Justin Jefferson at 8/1. 

Comeback Player of The Year

Danielle Hunter: +1200

People can forget that when Danielle Hunter is healthy he is almost a sack-per-game player. In both the 2018 and 2019 season he registered 14.5 sacks before sitting the entire 2020 season out with an upper-body injury. Upon his return in 2021 he garnered 6 sacks in 7 games before being forced out of the season for same reason. When he’s healthy he’s predictably dominant. A player with his talent combined with an unfortunate injury history makes this a noteworthy future at 12/1. 

Head Coach of The Year

Kevin O’Connell: +2000

Out of all the futures on the board I might like this one the most. We’ve seen it over and over again when a team will get a huge performance boost from a first year head coach. The winner of this award was a rookie head coach back to back in 2017-18 with Sean McVay and Matt Nagy and then again in 2020 with Kevin Stefanski. The odds of Kevin O’Connell doing the same in his first year as head coach should be far better than the proposed 20/1.

Team Futures

Playoff Odds

NFC North Winner: +275

Yes/No To Make Playoffs: +100/-120 

The bet here I would probably feel most confident in placing would be the Vikings making the playoffs at +100. If you firmly believe that the Vikings are winning their division then bet them at +275. However, with Aaron Rodgers still in the division and Dan Campbell putting together a strong Lions team I only like betting on them to make the playoffs instead. It’s definitely still a possibility that the Vikings win the division, but that has only happened in two seasons since 2009. However, in the last four seasons they've finished second in the division three out of those four seasons putting them in constant contention for a wildcard. I have much more confidence in betting with that recent trend and with a winning result that falls under a wider variety of outcomes. 

Best Team Future: Minnesota Vikings to Make Playoffs (+100)

Best Individual Future: Head Coach of The Year, Kevin O’Connell (+2000)

Rest of Available Vikings Futures

Other MVP:

Dalvin Cook: +10000

Justin Jefferson: +15000

Adam Thielen: +50000

Other OPOY:

Kirk Cousins +8000


Danielle Hunter +2800

Eric Kendricks +10000


Andrew Booth Jr.: +2200

Lewis Cine: +3500

Brian Asomoah: +5000

Other Team Futures:

Over/Under 9.0 Season Wins: (-115/-105)

NFC Winner: (+2000)

Super Bowl Winner: (+5000)

*The exact odds sampled were pulled from DraftKings at the time of publication but other sportsbooks should have similar odds as well.


  1. Interesting read. I tend to agree with you for the most part. I'm a big Vikings fan, but not a "homer", per se.

    1. I appreciate it. I've enjoyed your pieces on Vikings history too


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