Friday, May 20, 2022

QB Tier Rankings

Chris Simms is working on his QB rankings and pissing off a few people in the process. In his list, all QB’s are eligible, regardless of their position on the depth chart. In this blog, I’ll rank QB’s in tiers but only starters (I have both Jimmy G and Trey Lance listed as I think Jimmy G starts). 

MVP Tier

So I think there’s an actual chance any of these guys could win MVP. Patty Mahomes and Josh Allen should always be in the mix as the #1 QB. It’ll be interesting to see how Mahomes does without Tyreek, but it’s hard to believe they won’t continue to find a way to be efficient with Andy Reid at the helm. 

Burrow should continue to ball out with the weapons he has. And the same can be said for Brady; although I imagine there has to be some regression with his play and a first time HC in Leftwich. 

I anticipate Russ lighting it up this year. He has to be rejuvenated after finally getting out of Seattle and under the grasp of Pete Carroll. His new coach knows how to run an offense, and we should be able to see Denver’s other starters reach their full potential. 

And lastly, although he’s still a subjectively great QB, fingers crossed that Rodgers finally has a shit year after Green Bay finally paid up for him and Adams is gone. 

Elite Tier

Does anyone have a harder path than Herbert? Got drafted into a division with a young Mahomes and Carr, and then gets Russ added to the mix? I think he’s a great QB, but he’s going to need a big break to win the division. 

Stafford has to be up there. Thats what a Super Bowl gets you.

Lastly, assuming Watson is the same version of himself that we saw in Houston (ya know, on the field), he should be a top-tier QB for Cleveland. Whether he plays every game this year will be a different story. 

Great Tier

Best way to sum this group up is by two words: Wild Card. All of these players can drop 4 TD’s and 400+ yards one night, then go 22-45 and throw 1 TD and 2 INTs the next. 

I actually think Kirk, Carr, and Dak are all the same. Tell me I’m stupid if you want, I don’t care. Just look at the stats…






































The narrative that Kirk can’t win the big games is so old at this point. Dak and Kirk are just 1-3 in playoff games but Derek doesn’t have a win yet. And it’s easy to make the argument that Dak has the easiest route to the postseason…had Amari and Ceedee on the outsides, 5 legit starters on the line, and played against 3 teams in the NFC East that don’t seem to have their QB figured out. 

Lamar is the odd man out here, but not in a bad way. His situation is just so different given his style of play. But nonetheless, he can get you to the wild card while continuing to average out the great performances with the rough ones. 

Any of these guys could be in the tier above or below with a good or bad season. 

Good Tier

Mixed feelings on this one. I’m sure some say Kylar should be higher, but I’m anti-Kylar. His dramatics aside, he is only a combined 7-15 in the months November, December, and January. I can’t imagine his next contract sets the bar again, and I’m not sure how much of his success is to blame on Kliff.

Tannehill is more of a courtesy, as he’s had some good seasons since getting to Tennessee. I don’t see it happening this upcoming season without AJ Brown. As someone who thought the Titans should’ve tried to trade him for Russ over the off-season, it’s hard to have him ranked any higher than “good”.

Average Tier

Hurts can be that guy. I really believe it. But he isn’t that guy as of now, hence the Average tag. 

Ryan is older now and just a shadow of his former self. Can’t see the Indy offense lighting it up through the air every week. And Goff seems like a sufficient stopgap for Detroit for the time being. 

Decent Tier

Jameis is probably the best in this group, and I actually think (despite my best wishes) that the Saints offense can roll this year. Olave was my favorite WR in this draft and it hurts to see the former Buckeye in gold and black. 

Trevor Lawrence showed improvement after Urban got kicked to the curb, and I’d anticipate more success with Doug Pedersen at the helm. And even if they overpaid (by a mile) on some off-season acquisitions, their offense should be improved. 

Trash Tier

I don’t have a single nice thing to say about anybody in this tier except Zach Wilson’s mom seems nice. 

Don’t Know Tier

Last I heard, Trey wasn’t winning over the coaching staff in San Fran which is why they kept Jimmy G. And it looks like Fields will be struggling to stay on two feet and have nobody to throw to. Not sure if the Bears put up 20 points in a game this year. 

Let’s hear where I’m wrong and why. Comment below and let it rip. 

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