Sunday, May 8, 2022

Second Times the Charm

   Often times, NFL fanbases like to forget about their former draft picks. It makes sense, right? You get a shiny new Lambo and forget about the old G-Wagon you used to drive. Maybe the G-Wagon didn't collect any miles for an entire year, but you put a new engine in it, added some turbo, and boom! Made it into a better vehicle. NFL players are similar to this analogy. I know, I get it. I'm a victim of this too at times. It's exciting to get new draft picks and can be easy to forget about guys like Kellen Mond, Janarius Robinson, and Patrick Jones II. Sure, the new rookies get a lot of hype, but having a year of NFL experience under your belt is imperative coming into a new season. 

    To say the least, Mike Zimmer wasn't the biggest fan of Kellen Mond. I don't know if it was because of on field performance, or because Mond allegedly showed up to Zimmer's ranch for Thanksgiving uninvited. Bold strategy. Like a weird Odell Beckham Jr. fetish, our playoff chances were soiled after a lack luster performance by backup QB Sean Mannion. The 2018 Super Bowl Champion Philidelphia Eagles proved that there is no more important backup position in football than the QB position. With a new head coach, Mond could gain some confidence and develop into a nice backup QB. 

    Ed Donatell's new 3-4 defensive scheme is a perfect fit for our second year Defensive End's. Yes, we have two of the best in Danielle Hunter and Za'darius Smith, but you always need depth. Hunters' inability to stay healthy has proven the importance of depth at this position. Patrick Jones II and Janarius Robinson are two young players that I think have extreme upside. Having 9 sacks and 13 TFL's his senior year at Pittsburgh, Jones has shown that he can be an impact player off the edge.  
After watching Robinsons film, you can see that he'll fit in great as a stand-up edge player.

  Having a plethora of untapped young talent on this roster is imperative to our team's success. Anyone who knows football understands the next man up mentality. When playing a physical game where injuries are inevitable, you need depth to add to your roster. Don't forget about these names as we enter the 2022 season. 

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