Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Star Wars Characters as 2023 Draft Prospects!

Happy May the 4th everyone! If there is one thing I love equally to the NFL, it would have to be movies, and more specifically - Star Wars movies. While I understand Star Wars is not everyone's cup of tea, I thought it would be fun to analyze characters from the Star Wars franchise as if they were prospects in the 2023 NFL Draft. 

With inspiration drawn from Ryan Wilson of CBS Sports, I will be listing out characters as if they were draft prospects with an analysis and player comp. I will be sticking to my top 10 players on this fantasy big board with using only characters from the prequel, original, and sequel trilogies. 

With that being said let's get into the 10 best prospects. 

1. Darth Vader, LB 
Player Comp: James Harrison

What shouldn't come as a surprise, my top player is Lord Vader. After switching from offense to defense (see what I did there), many wondered if Vader has the size and strength to dominate the next level, but Vader proved that he was a force to be reckoned with. Extremely durable and relentless to the opposition. The only negative thing to say about Vader would be his lack of mobility. His love for the game has also been a concern for many, but at the end of the day he is still the most dangerous in the galaxy. 

2. Chewbacca, OT
Player Comp: Tyron Smith

Chewbacca has all the makings of a franchise LT: massive frame, super long arms, and will stop at nothing to keep his former QB, Han Solo upright in the pocket. I considered Chewy at #1 on my board but felt his lack of finesse in his game causes for sloppy play on occasion. He also led the league in most unnecessary roughness penalties, but with proper coaching that can be tamed. 

3. Han Solo, QB
Player Comp: Brett Favre

Right below his former teammate lands QB, Han Solo. Han's style of play mimics that of Brett Favre; a true gunslinger who always seems to come through when you need him. Like Favre, Solo tends to be reckless at times which leads to head-scratching interceptions. Nonetheless, he's my #3 player on the big board. 

4. Leia Organa, S
Player Comp: Harrison Smith

I went back and forth which who was the better safety in this class - Leia or Luke, but ultimately it came down to who was the better leader. Leia was a 4-year-team captain and campus legend. Extremely deceptive with her stunts and hides her coverages extremely well. Very rangy and sneaky athletic. 

5. Luke Skywalker, S
Player Comp: Marcus Williams

As the son of Darth Vader, Luke has all the ability in the world and is the most athletic player in this class. Fluent hips with the most impressive lateral quickness I have seen in some time. I put Luke one spot behind Leia for his lack of leadership and has the tendency to disappear when the team (Resistance) needs him most. This dude could end up as the best player from this class. 

6. General Grievous, TE
Player Comp: Kyle Pitts

Talk about a freak... Grievous has an insane catch radius anyways but when you combine the fact that he has four arms makes it all the much deadlier for the defense. This might be slightly high for a TE, but Grevious has some massive mismatch potential with his size and deceptive speed (Although not showcased in the Prequels). Poor conditioning is Grevious' main drawback. 

7. Grandmaster Yoda, CB
Player Comp: Kenny Moore II

Yoda is an extremely polished prospect. Never bites on double moves, smooth backpedal, and just has an insane knowledge of the game and his position. Although size and age coming into the draft are hefty concerns for many and could limit him to playing in the slot only, his prowess and overall knowledge keep him in the top 10. 

8. Rancor, OT 
Player Comp: Aaron Gibson

The Rancor has the best size in this class for any position. Scored in the 100th percentile for height, weight, and arm length. So why is the Rancor so low on the ranking? Painfully slow feet with poor hips make him a liability later in the game when his stamina drains and has to rely on mechanics. Not to mention he scored a 0 on his Wonderlic test, which is also cause for concern. 

9. Darth Maul, CB
Player Comp: Cortland Finnegan

Maul, like Luke, is an extremely gifted athlete in the secondary and is a master of his craft. Completely dedicated to improvement and has insane finesse to his game. Maul will try to get into your head, but he just as easily be thwarted himself by trash talk and losing reps. Maul will forgo all aspects of his game if he starts to lose reps and has a tendency to be overconfident in coverage. High risk, high reward player. 

10. R2D2, FB
Player Comp: Kyle Juszczyk

R2D2 cracking the top 10 prospects?! Yes. Undoubtedly the highest character individual in this class with impressive smarts (Ivy League guy, just like Juszczyk). Could have left after his junior season but decided to stay to stick with his teammates and ended up winning a national championship. 

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