Saturday, May 21, 2022

The Triangle Theory: Vikings Fan Edition

The Triangle Theory

Like my favorite rapper Skizzy Mars once said, "They say insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting results to change." What does Skizzy mean by this? Am I insane for being a Vikings fan? 

For a question of this magnitude, I personally had to do some soul searching as to why I am a a die-hard fan. Like many fans do after a heartbreaking loss, I poured myself a glass of whiskey and was able to come up with what I like to call, The Triangle Theory. 

Checkpoint #1:    This is our Year!

Oddly enough, we're currently in this phase. We went through an offseason of many changes. We hired a new head coach, a new GM, and were able to keep all of our key players except for LB Anthony Barr and DT Michael Pierce. Fortunately the Vikes signed key free agents, LB Jordan Hicks and DT Harrison Phillips, to replace what we lost. Now that I come to think of it, this might be out year!

Checkpoint #2:    The let down. 

Fast-forward to the end of the regular season. Either, A) We miss the playoffs for a 3rd consecutive year. Or, B) We make the playoffs only to be let down by a game-losing missed field goal by Greg "the leg" Joseph. Historic Vikings kickers such as Gary Anderson and Blair Walsh paved the way for guys like Greg Joseph. Remember, most of the time Anderson and Walsh were great kickers just as Joseph is for us. But in key moments when the season is on the line, The Vikings Kicker's Curse finds a way to haunt us Minnesotans repeatedly. 

Checkpoint #3: I'm never cheering for the Vikes again.

Even though I'm not proud of checkpoint #3, we all have said this at some point. As fans we go through insurmountable heartbreak time after time. Whether it's a missed field goal in the playoffs, or an interception thrown by fan-favorite Brett Favre that costs you a trip to the Super Bowl. Hard times create strong fans, strong fans create good times, good times create weak fans, weak fans create hard times....or something like that. The silver lining is that through all the hardships we've endured, we will always remain hopeful each and every year and continue to support the Vikes through all trials and tribulations.

Year after year this bring us back to checkpoint #1. This is our year.....
Or maybe next year. 

As Always,


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